Left toolbar

The left toolbar provides a set of links and tools that allow you to structure your web project and preview or publish them to Netlify
  • Main menu

  • Add elements panel

  • Page Manager

  • Edit Page

  • Save Project

  • Gallery

  • Code Editor

  • Preview

  • Download

  • Publish to Netlify

When you click the Gridbox icon, you can navigate to the Quick Start page.

Add elements panel

This opens the Add panel from where you can add elements from the Elements panel.

Pages panel

This opens the Pages Panel where we can create, open and delete pages. Learn more about the Page Manager.

Edit Page

Where you can change page name and import external css, fonts, scripts, etc...

Save Project

 Allows you to manually save the entire project.

Allows you to insert/upload images.

Code Editor

Allows you to open the Project in Code Editor Mode . Learn more about Code Editor.


Opens the preview page and allowing you to see how your project will look when published.

Download Project

This feature is for PRO Users

You can export the entire source code as (*.zip).

Publish to Netlify

Allows you to Publish/Deploy your Project to Netlify. Learn more about Deploying your projects.