Create Your First Project

From the home screen, you can either create projects from the scratch or clone existing projects. If you're a PRO user - you can clone PRO projects too.

Before getting started

You need to have basic understanding of Bootstrap 4 / Bootstrap 5 or Bulma framework to work on any project.

To work on any project, following are prerequisites

  1. Basic understanding of HTML / CSS & JavaScript

  2. Basic understanding of Bootstrap 4 / 5 or Bulma

Creating Blank Project Starters Page

1) Go to Starters from the top bar, then click on Create Blank Project option or if you're in my projects page you can click on the new project button, it will open the popup

2) You can give a project title and choose any of the frameworks listed (Bootstrap 4 or 5 / Bulma)

3) If you want to create it as PWA (Progressive Web App) check that option. It will automatically creates manifest.json and service worker for you.

4) That’s it, it will redirect to the Gridbox Editor with a blank page, where you can work on the project based on the framework you’ve chosen.

Clone Existing Projects

Clone Starter Projects

With Gridbox - you can reuse ready to use project templates which are already designed by our team or other users.

Clone — creates a new, complete copy of the Project you’re viewing. You can clone your own Projects or other members’ public Projects which will be handpicked by our design team.

To clone any project:

From the Starters - move over to any project, you will see two options Clone & Preview. You can directly click on the clone button, this will clone the project and open the editor and you can start working on it.


Clone Project from Preview Page

You can also click on the preview to view the project. From the top menu in the preview page - click on the "Clone Project" button to work on that project.