Page Manager

Under any Project, you can create multiple pages.Page Manager lets you switch between multiple pages.
Page Manager

To open the page manager, click the list icon on the left side of the top bar.

Icon to open Page Manager

Open a Page

To open a page - Open the page manager where you can see list of pages. Click on any page to load that page into the editor.

Creating a Page

To add a page to your site, click the Create new page icon on the top right of the page manager.

Creating New Page

Then type “yourpagename”, that’s it.

Editing or Modifying Page Settings

Edit Page

To modify or edit page settings, click on the edit icon on the top bar. It will open the popup where you can see the page tile and page header content.

Edit Page Settings

Here you can do the following

  • Edit Meta tile/description

  • Add Favicon

  • Add external JS and CSS

  • Add external fonts

Deleting a Page

To delete a page, open the page manager where you can see the list of pages you created and from the right side you can delete icon for each page. Click on the respective icon to delete the page.

Deleting a Page